How To Create Autoblog With WP WordPress [New Version]

Let me show you how to create an autoblog on wordpress. Please follow below simpple steps to make an autoblog with wordpress.

1. Go to WordPress dashboard and click on plugins.
2. Add new plugin with name “feedwordpress”. This is an important plugin to make an autoblog with wordpress.
3. After installing above plugin, enter the rss feed url under Syndication.
4. Configure the update duration, categories and tags for the feed content.
5. Update the feed to start posting the content to autoblog.

This video will answer below questions asked by my subscribers and YouTube users.

How to create an autoblog with wp?
how to make an autoblog
How to Make an Autoblog with WordPress

In my next video I will show you about how to make amazon autoblog, create autoblog blogger and how to make money autoblogging. So, stay tuned and subscribe to my channel.

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