How To Drip Feed Content In WordPress | Seo Tips

Learn How To Drip Feed Content In Word Press with this simple method. WordPress dripper is the easiest and most complete wordpress plugin to drip feed your content over a period of time. In this video you will learn how to drip feed your wordpress content.

Drip feed” content to your members over the course of their membership. Serializes content by # of days post-registration.

Create “Series” (groups of posts/pages) where content is revealed to members over time.
How it Works

Adds a new “Series” tab in the WordPress Admin Menu
Admins can add a page or post to a series along with a # of days after signup.
Admins can add a series to a membership level.
Admins can adjust the email template via an added page to their active theme.


User signs up for a membership level that gives him access to Series A.
User gets access to any “0 days after” series content.
Each day a script checks if a user should gain access to any new content, if so:
User is given access to the content.
A link to the content is added to the Membership Account page.
An email is sent to the user letting them know that content is available.


Upload the ‘pmpro-series’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your site.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Navigate to the Series menu in the WordPress dashboard to create a new series.
Add posts to series using the “Posts in this Series” meta box under the post content.