How To Install Plugins and Themes on WordPress (FULL GUIDE)

How To Install Plugins and Themes on WordPress
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This short tutorial video will show you How To Install Plugins and Themes on WordPress. I will cover all of the steps including installing plugins and themes downloaded from external sources!

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[Themes & Plugins Used in This Video]

WordPress Plugins:
Akismet (Internally Downloaded):
Theme Check (Externally Downloaded):

WordPress Themes:
Spacious (Original Theme):
Epira Lite (Internally Downloaded):
Zerif Lite (External Source):

If you like the look of the ZERIF LITE Theme, I have released a step by step tutorial showing you how to set up the theme from beginning to end, you might find it helpful:

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[Here are the Steps Covered in This Video / Time-Stamps]

Introduction: 00:00
Installing WordPress Plugins: 00:50
Activating and Deactivating Plugins: 01:00
Internally Through WordPress: 01:20
Plugins Settings: 01:55
From an External Source: 02:33
Installing WordPress Themes: 03:59
Internally Through WordPress: 04:30
From an External Source: 05:18
Thank-You for Watching: 06:00

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