Install AdSense WordPress with Code in Your Theme

Avoid WordPress issues with managed hosting:

How to install adsense wordpress code to your blog theme manually. This video will show you how to add adsense to wordpress not with a wordpress plugin but with code the manual way.

Take the 1 Question WordPress AdSense Poll here: blogs cannot use adsense due to their policy here:

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The first step to learning with wordpress how do you insert adsense code is to find the place in your wordpress theme where you want the adsense code to appear. You should use Google Chrome Developer tools or Firefox Developer tools to see the code for the place to add adsense to wordpress blog.

This video will show you how you can be adding Google ads to wordpress whether you want to learn how to add adsense to wordpress header, or if you want to find out how to add adsense to wordpress posts, and also how to add adsense to wordpress sidebar or any other wordpress theme location in your wordpress blog.

If you want to see how to add adsense to wordpress with the official Google adsense plugin for wordpress you can check out my other video for that here:

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